Ways to Help You Prevent Hazards after an Aircon Installation

Installing an air conditioning system has become a cakewalk now. You will need to contact the installers and they will get the job done on time. But if you are not careful enough, you might experience electrical or other hazards after the system has been installed. However, following a few steps will help you to prevent them and today we will discuss them here.

  • Get Your Wall Checked

Installing an aircon in a weak wall is a terrible idea. If it fails to hold the appliance, parts of the wall or the whole wall might break and cause an accident. So, technicians providing air conditioning installation in Brisbane and Ipswich recommend that you get the wall of your room checked. 

For that, you will need to call a home builder to inspect your wall. He can determine the integrity of your wall. After the inspection, if the sees that your wall is fit enough to hold the appliance, you can proceed with the installation.

  • Check the power requirements of the Air Conditioner

Different air conditioners have different power requirements. So, before even choosing the appliance, check if you have the electrical infrastructure set up in your home. Otherwise, the appliance will not run properly or can get damaged. Moreover, lack of the right power output can lead to tripping of circuits or broken fuses and at worst, an outbreak of fire.

  • Check the Wiring Of Your Home

Issues with electrical wiring can lead to hazards such as fire, or electrical shocks that can be deadly. So, to prevent them, calling a professional providing emergency electrician services in Brisbane or Brookwater will help.

The electrician will check the entire wiring and if he finds issues, he will fix it. After that, you can get the air conditioner installed.

  • Get the Air ducts Checked

Dirty air ducts can lead to serious health issues. Therefore, if you want to make your building centrally air-conditioned and have ducts installed already, get them checked and cleaned before installing the air conditioner.

Dirt, dust, grease along with viruses, bacteria and allergens accumulate in the duct very easily and if there is a blockage in any of the ends, the dirty air comprising the allergens can recirculate through the aircon in your room. This can inevitably cause health hazards if breathed. So, you need to be careful of this.

  • Avoiding the Installation if there is a Water Source Nearby

If you have a water source such as a pipe or a tap that supplies flowing water in or near your room, it is best to avoid installation of the air conditioner as water is a conductor of electricity and if it comes in contact with the components in the appliance, it can damage the system, or can even cause short circuits leading to fire.

  • Not Checking the Air Con System before Installation 

A faulty air conditioner can cause electrical problems or even fire. Besides, if there is harmful gas inside and if there is a leakage, it can lead to toxic fumes in your room.

Therefore, experts providing split air conditioning installation in Brisbane and Springfield suggest that you get the appliance checked before installation. However, reputed installers do the same and that’s why hiring them is always important.

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