How to Maintain Smoke Alarms in Your Property After Installation?

Smoke alarms help save lives when and if there is a fire outbreak. However, after installing them on your property, you will need to keep them well-maintained so that they function normally and can alert you if and when there is a fire outbreak. Besides, maintaining them will also reduce the chances of false alarms.

  • Routine Testing

Professionals carrying out the smoke alarm installation in Brisbane suggest that you will need to get your smoke alarm tested every month by a specialist to ensure that the battery and other components are working appropriately. 

You can do a test by yourself as well. You just have to hold the test button, if there is one on the device until you hear the alarm tone. But if it is situated at a greater height, you can use a broom handle. Also, you will need to carry out the process carefully so that you do not damage any component. 

To shut down the alarm in the test process, you will need to press the button again.

  • Using a Vacuum Cleaner to Clean the Alarm Vent

The specialists carrying out the smoke alarm installation in Ipswich recommend that you use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to clean your smoke alarm, and you can do it every 6 months. 

Cleaning the dust and dirt will keep it working optimally. Also, by doing this, you can extend their lifespan.

  • Using a Spray to Keep the Insects Off

Keeping off insects from the smoke alarm is necessary to keep the device working properly. So, you can use an insect spray around the device to prevent insects from getting inside. 

These insect sprays are easily available. However, before buying, make sure they are safe for electronic devices. Also, while installing the smoke alarm, make sure you are not spraying them inside the device.

  • Make Sure There Is No Oil or Paint on the Surface of the Alarm

To keep your smoke alarm working flawlessly, make sure there no paint is applied over them. With that, the electricians in Springfield and Brookwater suggest that there should be no oil or similar substances over the alarm.

This is because oil can damage electronic components, and if this happens, the alarm might not work optimally.

  • Replacing the Batteries

To keep your smoke alarm working properly, electricians suggest that you replace their batteries every year. For that, however, you will need to contact technicians since a DIY can damage your smoke alarm.

However, if you have an alarm system that does not allow battery replacement, call the manufacturer and follow their instructions.

  • Get the Wires Inspected

Along with the sensor, you will need to get the wires checked by professionals as well. 

Sometimes, due to heavy storms or electrical surges, there can be a short circuit that can damage the smoke alarm. But if you get the wires tested once in a while, you can reduce the possibility of a device short circuit.

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