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Smoke Alarm Installation

Professional Interlinked Smoke Alarm Installation

– “Their Continued Presence Can Save Lives, Time & Property.”
Waking up to a life-threatening ablaze of flames or the dreaded smoke smell is a dire situation no one wants to wake up to. Plus; did you know that when you snooze; you lose your sense of smell, and accidentally breathe in toxic fumes due to which you may potentially NEVER WAKE UP TO!The whole difference of walking out of your house unharmed and being trapped in with all the toxic smoke and fire boils down to only a few minutes.

It is why having a correct and up-to-standard smoke alarm installed in your home is crucial. Their continued presence and real-time response to a possible fire can make a huge difference in saving lives, time and your precious home.

To ensure your smoke alarm functions properly, Mr Mirek Elecrtrics- offers efficient and budget-friendly smoke alarm installation in Brisbane and its suburbs.

Don’t Put Your Assets, Family Or Even Tenants At Risk!

Call us or email us for a non-obligatory free-quotes for our precise smoke alarm installation in and around Brisbane. We are available, 24×7!


Certified Contractors For Fast & Efficient Smoke Alarm Installations.
As per ‘Queensland Fire & Emergency’ Data-

  • Around 250 homes (give or take) experience life-threatening fire emergencies each year.
  • Most fires break out between 12 a.m- 8 a.m- when most people are sleeping, thus resulting in 50% of fire deaths.
  • Moreover, approximately 16-18 people die in residential fires every year, and the numbers are even worse in commercial or industrial sectors.

Mr. Mirek Electrics’ believes the “Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure.” Our certified electrical contractors offering smoke alarm installation in Ipswich, Greenbank and Logan is here to protect your home from such unforeseen fire incidents.

They will perform a comprehensive smoke alarm testing and provide you with the best feasible option to avoid this life-threatening tragedy.

Why Trust Us?
  • Be it residential, commercial or industrial; our local electrical contractors will offer you the right type of smoke alarm systems for your property.
  • All our prices will adhere to industry-standard regulations.
  • Be it wireless interconnected smoke alarm systems to best-in-quality hard-wired units of 240V; or photoelectric devices; our suggested alarm units will maximise your safety with early warnings and smoke/flame detection.
  • In addition to testing smoke alarms; we also specialise in replacing outdated technologies for optimal fire protection!
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