Where Should You Install Your Smoke Alarm Systems? Learn Here!

As per the FPA- National Fire Protection Association Australia: –

Even a small fire can turn into a big risk hazard and in mere minutes take over your entire home. That’s why it is crucial to have numerous smoke detection alarm systems installed in different areas of your house.

With an ample number of these alarm systems; you can easily detect potential fire and take steps to both prevent it and keep everyone inside safe.”

But What Areas Should You Target To Install Your Smoke And Fire Detection Alarm Systems?

If you have a multi-storey house, then the wise choice would be to install your smoke alarm system at each level. This also includes the basement and the attic. Look to place them directly outside/inside of every bedroom. Also target those commonly accessed areas such as the kitchen, or areas having lots of electrical appliances!

Here Are Some Common Areas Where Fire Can Start in Your House.

  • Kitchen- Potentially half of all fire hazards start from the kitchen area
  • Bedroom- 7% of house fire starts in the bedroom, especially with the number of plush objects, curtains and mattresses lying around
  • Chimney- If your house is old fashioned (or if you’ve preferred to design it with a fireplace), then they need to be cleaned as they are responsible for 6% of house fires
  • Living Area- Again no surprises as the area consists of a fireplace, heating appliances, AC, electronics and more. Not to forget couches curtains, carpets and other easily flammable items. The area is itself responsible for causing 4% of house fires in Australia.
  • Laundry Room- Believe it or not, but it is responsible for 3% of house fires, especially with the dryer lint. You need to clean its filters and vents properly and regularly or else the heat may lead to the lint catching a nasty fire.
  • Attic- Since this area may not always be easily accessible, and with so little crawl space present, if a fire does start due to ill-maintained fires or fuse box burnouts, it can escalate into a big risk hazard, in no time.
  • The Outside- This is mainly where you keep the grill, have bonfires or set off fireworks. It is responsible for 3% of fires in Australia, again due to ill-maintained electrical fuse boards or even due to an open flame.

So, it goes without saying that each of these areas should have a fire and smoke detection alarm system. You can also look to fit one in the hallways and stairways.

Some Key Dos & Don’ts to Bear In Mind about Smoke Alarm Installations:


  • Prior to installation, inspect whether the smoke alarm detector is quality approved and properly tested to meet all safety and operational requirements.
  • If you choose to install it yourself, properly read the instruction manual at the back for appropriate installation.
  • Examine whether they sense photoelectric fires or ionization or better yet both.
  • When mounting fire and smoke detection systems on the walls, be sure to place it 12-inches away from the ceiling.
  • Opt for interconnected detectors so that every device triggers alarms when smoke is detected.


  • Avoid installing it on the windows or sliding doors simply because the air or wind will prevent it from detecting smoke or a potential fire occurrence.
  • Avoid placing them in moist or humid areas such as the bathroom
  • Don’t install them close to the ceiling fan or air vents.
  • Also, avoid putting them in garages.

With That, Here Are Some Safety Reminders To Go Along:-

After you have sorted out the correct areas for your smoke alarm installation (with keeping the dos and don’ts in mind), you also need to look after it. And to do that, below are some safety reminders.

  • As per the FDA- always test your fire and smoke detection alarm system every month.
  • Even the best smoke detection alarm systems have a max lifespan of 10 years. So, make it a practice to replace them with better and more up-to-date models once they are done.
  • Always change its batteries 2-times in a year to enjoy its optimal functioning.
  • Lastly, ensure they are cleaned of dirt, dust and other particles which could hinder its ability to spot and alert you about a potential fire risk.

“A Life-Threatening Ablaze Of Flames Or The Dreaded Smoke Smell Is A Dire Situation You And Your Family Never Want To Go Through.”

So without wasting another minute, shop for quality smoke alarms and get them installed throughout your precious home.

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