Don’t Commit These 4 DIY Split AC Installation Mistakes

We believe split air conditioning installation is never a DIY task, to begin with. Yet; we have found many homeowners backing themselves and going for it. But, as in the case of all electrical appliance installation, there are lots of factors to consider in a split AC installation. Not to forget, the technical knowledge and prior experience needed in handling such risky appliances.

Yet, many continue to take the DIY path in an attempt to save some bucks. And although there are no guarantees whether they’ll be able to pull it off at their first try, there exists a high % of them committing some costly (and even life-threatening) mistakes!

We, at Mr Mirek Electrics; as your reliable split air conditioning installation specialists serving in Brisbane; recommends leaving it to us without thinking twice. Yet if you must, then at least avoid making these 4 common DIY installation blunders.

1. Ignoring To Insulate The Indoor Tubing:-

If you ignore or skip insulating the indoor tubing during the installation phase, then it leads to repeated water dripping for whatever time you use your split AC. And over time, those drips can lead to staining, warping on the walls, even mould growth on the moist floor/carpet.

2. Touching Its Electric Components Straightaway After Turning The Power Supply Off:-

Refrain from touching any of its electrical components immediately after turning off its main power unit. We recommend waiting for 5-8 minutes. Or else, it could result in severe electrical shocks.

Also, remember not to switch on the unit until the installation is complete. As said, split AC (or any air conditioning) installation is a risky DIY job. So always put your safety first!

3. Not Determining The Wall Surface Strength & Ground Stability Outside:-

It is imperative to check beforehand the strength of the wall surface and stability of the ground, outside. A weakened or unstable surface can cause your expensive unit to trip or fall off. This can not only lead to expensive damage to the unit but severe injuries to anyone in close proximity.

So, again, we recommend you check the surface properly, or better yet, sit back and allow our air conditioning installation experts to do it for you.

4. Installing The Outdoor Unit/Base At Your Building Structure:-

Having performed many such split air conditioning installation across Ipswich and other suburbs in Brisbane; we know that it can be tempting to attach the split AC’s outdoor unit/base to your building structure. But doing so will only cause more noise within the structure and possible damage to your unit in the future.

A split air conditioner is engineered to make less noise if properly installed. It is a prime USP that makes the unit popular against other AC models!

So, if you don’t take time to do it properly, then you are only wasting your time, effort and posing a threat to your unit’s performance.

[Added Tip Post-Installation]: Not Cleaning Those Existing Loose Bits of Wires & Metals:-

Although this is a post-installation tip; neglecting to do it can lead to unexpected injuries (if not to you then perhaps to your pet or little one).

Make it a point to clean the site properly and remove every last bit of pointy wires or sharp metal components left behind. If not then, your pet or your little one who roams around the house without a care in the world may step on them, or worse swallow them.

In addition, be sure to inspect the inside of the unit too. If tiny wire bits or metal components are present, then it could result in your split AC making more noise and possible damage, over-time.

If you change your mind, feel free to CALL US whenever you want and set a convenient schedule. We will deliver you quality, prompt and budget-friendly split air conditioning installation

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