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What Causes Air Conditioners to Malfunction and How to Prevent It?

We all know how summers can get excruciating hot and humid. As the mercury level goes up and the uncomfortable index sets in, you need your air conditioning to perform at its peak. But, like all electrical appliances, AC units are no exception – they too can malfunction for many reasons. Besides, when one part of the AC malfunctions, it can have a domino effect on the rest of the components along with your mental state. This is why you need a professional for flawless air conditioning installation in Brisbane and scheduled maintenance every year.

Below mentioned are some common reasons for a faulty air con that can prevent you from enjoying the relaxing cool breeze after a hectic day.

Leaking Air Con Refrigerant 

One common cause of air condition malfunction is refrigerant leaks. The most noticeable sign is the AC taking a significant amount of time to cool your living space. This not only damages the appliance in the long run but also adds up to the month’s utility bill. Refrigerants are chemicals that transfer heat within the coils from one area to the other.

If there’s a leakage, simply topping up the AC with new coolant won’t do the trick. You need to call experts whom you have initially hired for Air Conditioning Installation in Ipswich to get your AC professionally diagnosed.

Burnt Out Compressor 

A common cause of faulty AC installation, compressor burnt outs can lead to severe electrical malfunction. It can even blow up the air con if not replaced promptly. The most common sign of a faulty compressor is that the aircon is not producing either cool or warm air. If you need to replace the compressor altogether, get in touch with a company offering air conditioning installation services. Besides, a faulty thermostat can also lead to similar distress. Reach out to a professional technician at Mr Mirek Electrics to check if any AC part needs immediate fixing.

Blown Out PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

If you notice that the Air Con unit does not turn off even if the remote is functioning properly, this can be caused by a faulty wiring system. In such cases, a burnt out PCB is typically the main culprit. Keep in mind, this is a serious issue and results in electrical shocks on slightest provocation. Call a licensed company providing air conditioning installation in Springfieldto inspect the wiring ASAP. Also, avoid turning the air conditioning system on in this case until the issue is mitigated.

Clogged Coils or Filters 

A blocked coil or filter can make your air conditioner work harder than usual. This results in irritating noises and foul odour coming out of the AC. Schedule a routine maintenance with the nearest AC maintenance team to quickly identify what’s blocking the air flow and declogging it.

For more aircon-related inquiries, contact Mr Mirek Electrics. Our proficient technicians are available at 0405941068 for any kind of aircon assistance. You may even schedule a routine maintenance by dropping your requirements at [email protected].