Top Things to Consider before Ceiling Fan Installation – An Expert’s Advice

Installation of ceiling fans is a tricky business! To be more precise, it is easier said than done, and that foxes people every now and then. They think they are good enough to go for a self-installation of a ceiling fan and in the process, falter on various fronts. That is the reason if you are planning to install a ceiling fan, have it done by a professional who has been into installation of ceiling fans in Brisbane for years.  The reason being, these professionals take into consideration a number of factors into account, while installing the fan. The same stands for us at Mr Mirek Electrics.  Hence, on this write up we hereby discuss a few points that our technicians consider.

Location…location…and location!!!

Well, this is something that you must be perfect at! In other words, you must find a perfect place in the room where the fan is supposed to be set. Now, this is where the intervention of a seasoned professional will make the difference.

The function of a ceiling fan is not only to cool you down during the summer months. During the winter, it may play a pivotal role in circulating warm air, working alongside your HVAC system. As warmer air is lighter, it will rise up while the fan, circulating in an anticlockwise direction, will move that warm air to every nook and cranny of the room. Thus, a lot depends upon the location where the fan is set up. This is where a qualified and seasoned ceiling fan installation provider in Ipswich will make a noted difference, with all its experience and technical knowledge. The professional will take into account all these technicalities and set up the fan at a strategic point, which will help you to make the most of the fan during summer as well as winter alike.

Deciding the size

The size of the fan must be decided in respect of the size of the room. The size of the fan should increase or decrease proportionately with the size of the fan and that is why, you need the intervention of a professional who will take into account the dimension of the room in question, the amount of furniture and fittings it has, and its layout, to come up with a fitting size that will serve your purpose to the fullest.

The height…

This is yet another factor to be decided by the professionals. Ideally, these fans are installed 8/10 from the floor. Though at times they can be installed at 7 feet, that again depends upon the size and dimension of the room and the height of the ceiling. For instance, if it’s a vaulted room or a room that has cathedral ceilings, you need to use an extension rod, which will help you to achieve the proper installation height. Again, in these cases, the intervention of a seasoned expert is all the more important.

Deciding on the three-speed option

When it comes to purchasing a ceiling fan, the professionals would tell you to go for the three-speed variety. This will give you the option of controlling the speed by pulling the cord attached to the fan, with the help of remote control or from wall mounted regulators. Again, it is a professional who will install the entire setup perfectly so that your purpose is served perfectly.

Above all, they are professionals and hence will ensure professional perfection that will yield 100% satisfaction in return for your investment. What better name can you opt for than Mr Mirek Electrics for emergency electrician service in Brisbane?  With so many years of experience, we are one of the best when it comes to the installation of a ceiling fan and other electrical jobs. For further details, call us at 0405941068.  We work 24×7.