Questions to Ask Before Installation of Split Air Conditioning System

Are you looking for an air conditioning installation company? Well, you will find many – but you need to hire the one that is not only the best of them in terms of experience, reputation, and expertise. How can you gauge their expertise? Of course, the testimonials on the website of the company is something to refer to, but more importantly, you need to ask the installers a few questions, which will firstly, help you to get an idea of what is being done and why. This will not clear things up, but will also ensure you have handed the responsibility to one of the most competent air conditioning installation companies in Brisbane or elsewhere, depending on your location. 

Now, what are the questions that you need to be asked during the installation? 

Are the installers’ background checked? 

This is the first and foremost question that you need to ask when hiring technicians. You need to ensure that not the installers are experienced, they are also background checked. The reason is obvious, you must ensure that the pros who you are letting in your home, and even the bedroom are safe for you and your family. If you have hired Mr Mirek Electrics, you can be sure of that, as our techies are always background checked.  

Why are you recommending a split air conditioning system? 

This is another question that you must ask. You must know the advantages of having a split air system installed at your home. This ensures that you are always at peace, being sure of the advantages that you are likely to enjoy with that kind of AC system. This will help you make a decision in regards to the installation of the split air conditioning system in Brisbane, knowing that the decision is going to help you in various ways. 

How will it affect your utility bills? 

Ask this categorically. A quality split AC will never cause any spike in your power bills, provided it is not installed in a faulty way.  Thus, hiring quality installers for a flawless installation of the AC system is an absolute imperative. Again, when you put stakes on us for air conditioning Installation in Ipswich, we can guarantee it will not have any increase in your power bills whatsoever. 

Are they licenced and is the service fully insured? 

This is another extremely important question that you should never forget to ask. Ensure that the installers of the company that you are eyeing are all licenced. Besides, you must also make sure that the service that you hire is fully insured, and ensure that the coverage not only deals with the wellbeing and safety of the installers but safeguards your interests as the end customer as well. You can be sure that when you have put your stakes on a company like us, you do not have to think about it. 

Therefore you see, when it comes to the installation of split AC you need to hire a company that has a satisfactory answer to all these questions – something that we can give…..always. If you are contemplating hiring Mr Mirek Electrics for split AC system installation, call us at 0405941068. We are available 24×7. 

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