Steps to Follow for an Air Conditioning Installation

Installing an air conditioner properly is the task of a qualified electrician. Sometimes due to lack of time or other reasons improper installation of the appliances can cause damage to the inner components. However, these steps will ensure the proper installation of the air conditioner.

During the split air conditioning installation in Brisbane,technicians check the appliance first to see if it is in a working condition or not, and then they start the installation procedure.

  • The Strength of the Wall

Not all walls are capable of holding an air conditioner. This rule is applicable in terms of old buildings as well as new ones. If, for instance, the room is not large enough but the air conditioner has more weight, installing the appliance can break the wall. In some houses where the wall is made of wood and if the wood has already suffered damage due to pest infestation or weather conditions, it is best not to install a heavyweight air conditioner on that wall.

  • Wall Spacing

During an air conditioning installation in Brisbane, the technicians will look out for the spacing between the wall and the air conditioner. A split unit requires around 14 to 18 cm of open space at its side and top for a seamless flow of air. If it cannot be achieved, it is best not to install the appliance in that room.

  • Appropriate Height For Installation

This can be noticed in an air conditioning installation in Ipswich where technicians will ask their clients to measure the height of their walls before going for the appliance. The reason behind this is in small rooms where the wall is 8 feet or below, you will not get the desired coolness. Therefore, before buying an AC, it is essential to talk to an electrician.

  • Tilt Angle For A Perfect Installation

Your friendly electrician in Springfield will always tilt the aluminium bracket slightly so that the water from the drain pipe can flow without any hindrance. This is an installation principle that is followed by all the expert technicians worldwide.

  • Identifying And Installing The Outdoor Unit

It is important to install the outdoor and the indoor unit away from sunlight as sunlight can cause overheating in the internal components of the units. The technician will identify and install the outdoor unit of the appliance in the open area where there is no hindrance in the dissipation of heat.

  • Placing the Outdoor Unit of the Air conditioning system

The electrician carrying out the air conditioning installation in Springfield will place the outdoor unit on a rigid and flat surface. This is important as the outdoor unit contains the condenser, compressor, etc. that will vibrate a lot. Hence, if the unit is not placed on a flat surface, the vibration can damage the internal pipes and can lead to the leakage of the coolant or might even damage the condenser.

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