Guide To Flawless Smoke Alarm Installation – Can You DIY?

Smoke alarms are great, no doubt. They help keep your property safe from fire hazards. However, installing smoke detectors requires a high level of expertise in the field. It involves a lot of complex wiring and circuit breaker installation that may not always be possible and feasible for a non-experienced person to handle. Then there is always the risk of injuries and electrocution, not to mention improper installation that may cause the device to become non-operational. You can opt for professional smoke alarm installation in Brisbane if you are not confident. 

But if you are adamant to install the smoke alarm yourself, here are a few things that you should consider:

Where should you place the detector?

The foremost thing to consider is the location of the smoke alarm. Where should you place it for maximum functionality? If you have hired professionals for the job, there is nothing to worry about, as they can detect the right spot to install the alarm. For DIY endeavours, however, you need to handpick the right spots to place the smoke detectors. According to the experts, you should have one outside every bedroom and one in the hallway. You should also have smoke alarms installed near the staircase. One more thing. If your property is multi-storeyed, having one smoke alarm on every floor is highly recommended. 

Is it best to install a hard-wired smoke alarm?

To minimise the chances of fire hazards, it is best if you install hard-wire smoke alarms uniformly throughout the property. When you do this, a single unit detecting smoke or fire will cause all other units to start sounding together, thus warning everybody on every level of the property. However, if your house is small and consists of a single story, a hard-wired alarm is not necessary. 

What is a remodelling box and how to install it?

If you are installing the alarm for the first time, you must install a remodelling box as well. Select the location where the alarm will be installed and use a tracer to mark the outline of the box. Drill a hole of 1/2 inch at the corner of the outline you have created. Now, use a drywall saw to cut along the outline using the hole. See if the box snugly fits into the hole and take care not to make it too tight. Do this for all the locations you have chosen to install the smoke alarm. 

You should also take care while running the wire from the house breaker panel to the alarm closest to it and pull out about 10 inches of the cable from the remodelling box knock-out. After that, you will be needed to secure the boxes, connect the wires and install the backup battery. In the end, you have to attach the smoke alarm to the mounting plate. 

Seems too much of a hassle? At Mr Mirek Electrics, we specialise in smoke alarm installation in Ipswich and nearby regions. You can get in touch with our team for fast and affordable installation services. With our expert team at your back, you can rest assured, your smoke alarms will be installed properly.